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Travel with Sherri B

Travel with Sherri B was the winner free landing page as an offer I ran a paid ad on Facebook.  Sherri started her travel agency business and needed a landing page, at first there was a form created for general travel questions.  Just before the website was finished, she was given another site for booking travel.  The link was added to the landing page and she’ll be able to update the information in the header for current specials.

After the initial site was done, we bump up the landing page to include some PDF files to download, and several links to travel information.  You can get a lot of information in a landing page if you lay it out right without getting cluttered.  The video is a great detail, it works on desktops and tablets but not on a smart phone.  For the mobile setting on phones, there is a default ocean image.  Call to Action (CTA) buttons are the main purpose of the page, to draw future travelers to the booking agency page.  Next time you’re ready to travel, check out her website.


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