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Notaria Publica La Fe

Update:  The owner wanted to change the name but didn’t want to buy a new URL right now.  The site information was updated to reflect the new name of Notaria Publica La Fe

This website is my first in another language, Spanish.  While there are several ways to translate a website, Google Translator didn’t translate the content provided by the client correctly.  The site is done in Spanish with a menu option to read it in English.  The client requested some basic SEO service, the snippets and focus words are in both Spanish and English with will increase her search results.

Additional background images will be added as soon as the client provides them for an update to the website.

Here’s a little about the business if you’re ever in need of an interpreter.

“With more than 15 years DocuRapidOK has been serving the Hispanic Community from the State  Oklahoma. With all of their translation needs, which include Apostilles, Document translations for USCIS, birth certificate translations, divorce decrees, school records, and much more.”

Click the image to visit the website.

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