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Bird and Buck Sportsman Club

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Here’s a little bit about the club.

Bird and Buck Sportsman Club is located in SW Oklahoma. We have a limited number of memberships on 4000 acres of private property available to our members, their family and guests to hunt on.

All of the Bird and Buck Sportsman. Club properties are private property managed for wildlife. All of the hunting opportunities on our properties are fair chase, free range with some excellent hunting for whitetail Deer, Turkey, Aoudad, Quail, Dove, Predators, Hogs and Waterfowl. The properties consist of creek bottoms, agricultural fields, ponds and mesquite and grass pastures in and around the Wichita Mts in Kiowa co.

Not all hunters hunt everything all the time, our club is for the hunter that don’t get to spend every day in the woods but when you do, you would like to have your own private hunting property so why pay big membership fees for game you don’t hunt that’s been over hunted ? We take a diversified  limited number of members at Bird and Buck Sportsman. Club. We have a low annual membership fee and low hunting fees. Members only pay for the game they choose to hunt when they want to hunt.

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