Personal Website Design

carter family beginsYou don’t have to have a business to have a website.  Check out this family history website, Seaborn B. Carter, SR, Legacy.


Do you have a group or organization that you want to keep updated on events?  Check out 507 CES Aged Prime BEEF.  This site was done for members for my old unit.  It’s got over 1,000 photos of places and events from back as far as 1989!CES welcome

Simple Website Design; I’ll work with you on designing a simple site to showcase your website. A simple site is $250. A simple site can contain up to 5 pages; Home/About Page, Footer (if available on theme), Menu, and Contact Page. Each page can show your clients/customer a few photos of your Service, Products etc. The content would be provided by you, any editing on my part would be an additional cost.

Upgrade Your Site:  If you decide you want to add additional functions at a later date you can contact me. I can update your website, the cost is based on the functions you want to add.   Additional functions available are Photo Galleries, Facebook Like/Share/Follow, other social media links, Internal and External Links, Calendars, Videos, PayPal, calendars, subscriptions to posts/blogs and more. Just let me know what you’d like to upgrade and we’ll get it done!