Does your business have a website?  Do you have a website that's old and/or outdated?  If you have a business and no website you're losing all those clients/customers who don't pick up the old phone book...they Google it!  I know I do when I'm looking for something.
I build websites using WordPress which lets me create beautiful sites for my clients and provides the flexibility to update, add and change the content of the website once it's completed. Because it's a WordPress website you'll have the option once I'm done to take over the Content Management Service (CMS) function if you choose to do so you can continue to maintain your site or I can do it for you.
Beside websites, I can help you with Excel, Power Point, Word, Google Drawings and more.  Contact me for me information.
The great thing about WordPress is you can change the look of your website by just changing your theme. 

With WordPress, you can add functions and upgrade to a mobile site in no time!